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Welcome to Continuing Education at Aims! 

Aims Continuing Education consists of non-credit courses and programs for the community and businesses.  These courses are flexible, affordable, and easy to sign up for.  We offer courses in the following areas:


Want to improve your job outlook, upskill, or get that next promotion? These courses are
generally short in length but provide a lot of value with our highly sought after instructors
giving you exactly what you need to succeed. These courses can also be customized for
your business!


Looking for a new hobby, a new exercise routine, or want to enhance a personal interest?
These classes are fun and for that “always” learner.


Ready to start a path to a new career but don’t want to take the traditional credit route?
These certifications are the way to go. Our certificate programs will prepare you to sit for
national exams so you are workforce-ready.

Use the Browse option on the left to view our current catalog to find the course for you!




Continuing Education |  (970) 667-4611 
College for Kids |  (970) 378-3665
Workforce Development | 
(970) 378-3606