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Workforce Development

Welcome to the Center for Workforce Development and Innovation!

Aims Center for Workforce Development and Innovation helps businesses thrive by partnering with them to develop and deliver customized corporate training solutions, offer alternative public seminars on in-demand topics, provide American Heart Association (AHA) / CPR certifications, courses and onsite training and assist with state training grants.

We currently offer seminars and classes in the following in-demand training topics:



Onsite Customized Corporate Training Available for your Employees!
Do you have a group of employees that you would like to train in any of our public seminar topics or other important topics?  If yes, please let us know!  Our team will deliver the training to your employees when, where and how your company requests it.  Contact us today at to learn more.


Continuing Education |  (970) 667-4611 
College for Kids | 
(970) 378-3665
CPR Training Center | (970) 893-9835
Workforce Development | 
(970) 378-3606

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