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Campus Maps, Parking, and Additional Information

Classes are held at all four campuses and throughout the communities at local businesses.  

Parking is free at all campuses and all community locations. To view more information about your campus locaion, please use the following links.  

Greeley Campus Map
Fort Lupton Campus Information
Windsor Campus Information
Loveland Campus Information
      Loveland Campus Parking Map

Loveland Dance Academy
440 N Lincoln Ave #5618, Loveland, CO 80537
Parking and entrance is in the back of the building.

Addtional Information
All computer and photography classes where software is used, are held in computer labs, students do not need to bring their own computers unless they wish to do so.

Physical fitness classes require you to wear comfortable, breathable clothing and sturdy shoes.


Continuing Education |  (970) 667-4611 
College for Kids | 
(970) 378-3665
CPR Training Center | (970) 893-9835
Workforce Development | 
(970) 378-3606

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